Welcome! I provide therapy for individuals and couples. My approach as a counselor has elements of existentialism, humanism, and transpersonal psychology – though more than anything, I’m committed to helping people discover their authenticity and develop as human beings, in whatever way feels most organic.


About Elan

I find tremendous satisfaction helping people work through difficulties, confront core beliefs, and make lasting changes in their lives. I believe that we are all works-in-progress, and often find myself inspired by my client’s willingness to be both vulnerable and courageous.

Professionally, I believe in presenting myself as person first, and a therapist second. After all, I’m holding you accountable to being authentic, and so I try to meet that same standard myself. My personal interests include poetry, comedy, lucid dreaming, technology and Aikido.


Therapy is a private, entirely confidential space for you to explore who you are. I employ an up-to-date and focused form of therapy in order to help support both internal and external change. The work is both supportive and challenging.

The process starts with us meeting for a no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation. This allows us both to make sure it feels like a good fit, before scheduling a session. Clients generally benefit most from weekly visits, especially at the onset of therapy. As time goes on, clients often shift to every-other-week, or whatever feels most useful.


Office Location

People House

3035 W 25th Ave
Denver, CO 80211