Couples Counseling

With couples I employ an eclectic approach, drawing most heavily from attachment based perspectives and The Enneagram.  I work with couples to find the root of relationship distress and provide a detailed map to the resolution of patterns and conflicts that undermine a relationship.  Often a secure bond allows couples to resolve the walls of distance and blame and begin to grown in love and trust once again. At other times couples choose to part ways – but learn to do so in a conscious and caring way that honors the love and growth brought from the relationship. Ultimately, I provide a safe space for you to work towards your truth, and find a life that supports you both the most.
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I work with couples facing a variety of difficulties.

Issues include:

  • Feeling unimportant, abandoned, or unloved
  • Feeling untrusting or betrayed
  • Building a sense of ‘I’ within the ‘We’
  • Lack of affection, intimacy, or sex
  • Feeling disrespected, nagged, or criticized
  • Recurring fights with no resolution
  • Feeling worn out and walking on eggshells
  • Withdrawing/distancing with silent resentment, hurt, or loneliness
  • Feeling as though you will never be “enough” for your partner
  • Rebuilding after an affair
  • Intercultural issues
  • Questioning if you chose the right partner

Diversity Statement: Being committed to serving diverse people, reflective of our diverse community, is fundamental to sound therapeutic relationships. Every client, no matter their race, gender, sexual identity, age, religious affiliation or nationality, is respected and celebrated.

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