Writing is a powerful therapeutic tool. To write can feel deeply personal and vulnerable. Whereas in-person conversations are metabolized as they occur, the written word stays steady on the page. Old journals and unsent letters wait patiently for fresh eyes to come see them anew. This process of therapeutic writing will allow you to:

  • Know your self more deeply
  • Make decisions and get unstuck
  • Sit with the unknown
  • Live with intention
  • Gain insight and perspective

Try 15 minutes free as a no cost, no obligation consultation. This gives you a feel for my approach and allows me to insure that my expertise aligns with your needs.

Customized packages are also available. Each package includes a portion of phone, videochat, or in person time (examples below). The sessions and calls support the scriptotherapy in that they ground the therapeutic relationship and deepen the writing process.

About your scriptotherapy:

  • Write anytime you like, and however works with your schedule. I’ll write back within 3 business days. Everyone is different in the way they write. There is no pressure to write more than you want or to try to censor yourself.
  • Feel free to share any kind of writing: journal entries, random thoughts, letters, fiction, poetry, comedy, essays, technical analysis, anything. If it feels emotionally resonant, it’s grist for the mill.
  • Packages never expire. I use the time you purchased efficiently and judiciously so that you get the most out of your investment. I bill only for the time I spend writing.
  • My role is to support you, and provide a nonjudgemental space for you to find your truth and work through your process. I will suggest writing prompts, pose questions and highlight areas for exploration. These suggestions are always optional.

*It is important to check in with yourself as you write. Scriptotherapy, like in-person therapy can be confrontative. It is natural for it to bring up sadness, fear, anger, confusion or other difficult feelings. That said, it should not leave you shut down or in a state of overwhelm. If you notice a writing topic feels too big to be alone with in that moment, be sure to give yourself permission to take a break, or move to a different topic. We’ll address ways to work on things from a place where you feel resourced and empowered.

For new client inquiries or general questions contact me at: or 720.722.0565.

Discounted packages are available, and are negotiated depending on your unique needs. My full rate is $175/hr.
*2 hours  – 1.5 hrs Scriptotherapy + (2) 15 min calls (5% off)
*4 hours – 2.5 hrs Scriptotherapy + (1) 1hr session + (2) 15 minute calls (7.5% off)
*8 hours – 4.5 hrs Scriptotherapy + (2) 1hr sessions + (1) 30 minute session + (4) 15 minute calls (10% off)


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