Clinical Supervision

Essentially I see our work as that of creating a safe, collaborative environment. Ultimately my goal is that our work empowers you and attends to, above all, the clients’ highest quality of care. Here are areas of focus:

Developing as a therapist

  • Assessing and uncovering underlying issues, diagnosis (if necessary), exploring interventions/plans based on assessment.
  • Building a strong and personalized theoretical outlook/philosophy.
  • Meeting clients where they are at; How to form deep/meaningful helping relationships while holding clear boundaries and staying focused.
  • Prioritizing urgent/practical matters as necessary; Resourcing clients.
  • Helping clients find their inner voice & develop their own sense of agency.
  • Honing core skills: verbal/non-verbal, reflections, congruence, timing etc.
  • Understanding of and adherence to ethical standards and practices.

Self growth

  • Inner work. Processing thoughts/feelings/sensations/beliefs. Getting unstuck; Learning from these processes personally and professionally.
  • Transference/countertransference issues; Discovering/naming projections.
  • Self awareness: strengths/challenges, being open & receptive to feedback; Social and cultural awareness; How identity/history/context shapes your outlook. 
  • Receiving help and support, being willing to be vulnerable, while also developing self trust and finding your own inner authority.
  • Self care – staying grounded and in alignment with your highest values; Finding meaning, joy, connection etc in your self/relationships/personal life. Developing work-life balance.  

Business administration

  • Responsiveness, professionalism, marketing, networking
  • Billing practices, time management, organization skills
  • Paperwork (disclosures/intake/ROI/notes/forms etc)
  • Entrepreneurial spirit: Identifying your unique gift, exploring what offering that looks like, and taking steps towards bringing those ideas to fruition.

Models: Person-centered, existential theoretical models, relationship focused, cognitive-behavioral, holistic, attachment based, trauma informed, gestalt and body based approaches, mindfulness oriented, the Enneagram.

I am an Approved Clinical Supervisor (#3183) in the State of Colorado.

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