The Enneagram

I am passionate about the Enneagram’s ability to provide a dynamic and compassionate guide for confronting our habitual patterns and learning to interact skillfully with others. For an ‘Introduction to the Enneagram’, check out my interview with whatnow’s podcast:

Collaborating with Lori Ohlson, MA, LPC (an Enneagram expert and my foremost Enneagram teacher), I created EnneaApp. EnneaApp is a complete, mobile Enneagram reference system for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. (For more information please visit

To download, search EnneaApp in the App Store or click the link below while using your device:


Interested in bringing an Enneagram class to your business or organization ?

Enneagram Workshops

I offer Enneagram workshops personally tailored to:

*Increase the group’s ability to understand and work with each other.
*Help team members confront habitual patterns & get “unstuck”.
*Uncover the unique gifts and strengths that different individuals bring.
*Understand each other’s personality “lens” and support one another.

Contact me if you would like to bring one of these workshops to your business or organization!

The Enneagram through Comedy


Enneagram Subtypes 2-27-16

Enneatypes in Music

Connection and Collaboration

Still unsure of your Enneagram type?

I offer private Enneagram Consultations for those who have taken the tests but are still unsure which “enneatype” is theirs.

Gift certificates are available for these services – a perfect way to introduce others to the Enneagram, or help them deepen their knowledge of it’s transformational potential.  Please inquire if interested.

Gift Certif Sample HQ

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