The Enneagram Applied

Professional Development Series
Online Class

April 3, 10, 17 and 24
5-6:30p PT (6-7:30p MT, 8-9:30p ET)


The Enneagram Applied

The Enneagram describes nine basic personality types, and their relationships to one another. While knowledge of one’s ‘enneatype’ can be eye opening, its utility for clients often fades once they get the basic gist of their personality strategy and its corresponding adjectives. This online workshop will provide you with:

Concrete interventions – Strategies and tips for working with the nine Enneagram types
Tools to help clients build awareness of their personality strategy outside of sessions
Exploration of how the Enneagram can complement your existing framework/modalities
Self Awareness – What are your type’s gifts/challenges in the role of helping professional?

Basic knowledge of the Enneagram is necessary.

About the Facilitator

Elan BenAmi: Elan is a Private Practitioner at People House. His approach as a counselor has elements of existentialism, humanism, and transpersonal psychology – though more than anything, he is committed to helping people discover their authenticity and develop as human beings, in whatever way feels most organic. Elan has studied the Enneagram since 2009, and has taught it at schools, workshops, and retreats since 2013. He is the creator of EnneaApp – available on iPhone, iPad, and the Google Play store.

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